Running Across America

Steve Knowlton's World Record Run Across America

Sponsors and Donations

Sponsor: ANSWER  Theresa Namie-Aspergers Network Support

Apparel Sponsor:  Bruce Tilseth (T-Shirts and More), t-shirts

Terry Hitchcock-Trainer, funding

Gary and Mary Knowlton-Support crew, Funding

Matt Reinne-Marketing, Tech Support

Jim Muelken-Transportation and medical support

Curt strait-Koko FitClub, Trainer,

Dan Leman-Sports Physiologist, Research, Product

Lori Olsen-Fundraising

Judy Borchardt-Fundraising

Dan Stewart-Ordinary Man Documentary

Brooks Running Shoes-Justin Dempsey-Running Shoes

Sindre Norgaard-Funding

Rich Hafdal-Funding

Jenny True-Funding

Kamlai Leng-Funding

Wendy Willaert-Shaklee,Performance,physique etc. product

Mark Bowles- Edelweiss

Lee Redman-Juice Plus

Lori Andreson-Support Crew, Motivator

Michael Stambook-Fitsok

Richard and Nancy Knowlton-Funding

Evelyn and Robert Losinski-Funding

Paul Morales-Funding

Ron Wacks-Funding

Rose Maloney-Funding

Marjorie Mullaly-Funding

Rev. Johannes Myors-Funding

Verne Brunsen-Funding

Gerry Tepley-Funding

James and Diane Lerberg-Funding

Connie and Dave Engen-Funding

Gary and Joyce Gilster-Funding

Phil and Jeanne Rooney-Funding

Lori Bergstrom-Achiva Energy 

Sergey Ermakov-Funding

Brock Beske-Funding

Mike and Carly Kraus-Shoes

Lois True-Kangen Water Machine

Bob Schultez-Funding

Joshua Shirk, Eruption-Product

Michael Chalob-Crew Member

Dawn Chapman-Answer

Kip Kemper-Fundraising

Valerie Carlson-Fundraising

Jean Langdon-Fundraising

Brian Friedges-Fundraising

Brittney Olson-Marketing, Fox, K-Twin, Kare 11



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