Ordinary Man Documentary



The "Run"down

My name is Dan Stewart and I will be directing this documentary about ultra-marathoner Steve Knowlton and his run across America. My background is in video and film. I have shot many videos from weddings to promos to music videos to short films and have just recently been pursuing documentary work. I love asking questions, giving people a voice, and capturing life at its most challenging and most inspiring.

I also have a passion for non-profit work and will be working alongside Theresa Gustafson,who has a 21 year old son with Aspergers. Steve is raising awareness to Asperger's Syndrome due to his own quest to find how he could help a family member. Any film that lends to helping a group of people be more understood by our world as well as shows the perseverance of the human spirit is a film I am more than proud to be making. That is what this film will be about. Your contribution will not only help capture Steve's epic 45 day/70 miles a day run intended to break the WORLD RECORD for fastest run across America, & a portion of the sales of the film will go directly to Asperger non-profits who provide services for this community.


Just Ordinary with a dash of Extraordinary

I was once given a shirt from a youth group leader during their church mission trip. On the front it said "Ordinary". Whenever I wore it, for some reason, people really seemed to like it. Seeing as how it was just a plain long-sleeved blue shirt I can only assume it was because it said "Ordinary" on the front. What people didn't know was that on the back of the shirt, it said "Extraordinary". I would have point that out to people and they would like it even more. People seemed to really resonate with the idea of being ordinary, while at the same time were really encouraged by the idea of being extraordinary. In light of this documentary, Steve is an ordinary man doing extraordinary act to bring awareness to people who have been treated less than ordinary, who really just want to feel ordinary and accepted. Hence, the title, "Ordinary Man".  

Asperger's Syndrome is a condition I am continuing to learn about. I intend to interview many individuals with it, not only to hear their life experience and add it to the documentary, but to give them to an opportunity to share their encouraging support of Steve and his run for their benefit.

More to come. 




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