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I will be speaking before and during my run through out the country.  I will be focusing on the Attributes that define who I am as a person that helped me run 3,717 miles alone across America.  The Courage that has allowed me to pick myself up from the pits of despair during some of life's darkest moments.  The Character instilled in me that drives me to take on the impossible and always strive for larger goals.  My focus is to help motivate people to gain inner strength and confidence in themselves to overcome the Mountains in their life.

The Prayer of Jabez

"Oh Lord that you would Bless me indeed,That your Hand would be upon me, Expand my territory and keep me from evil that I may cause no harm."

I said this prayer everyday during my run and I truly believe God had his hand on my safety and success.  There were many ups and downs and frustrations, regardless though Jesus is the rock I choose to build my foundation on and he is the Light in the darkness.









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