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Dear Steve,

As a K-5 Elementary School Librarian, I had the opportunity to work with children diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. I worked with skilled teachers and specialists who kept me informed about their students. I especially appreciated the parents who would visit with me about their child. I remember one particular student who loved learning about technology and every day he would come to the library to visit and find a book on the subject. At first I would take him to that library section and help him. It didn't take long before he knew exactly where to look and enjoyed finding materials on his own. I would try to engage him in conversation. When he became comfortable with me, he would talk on and on about what he had learned. When he was in fifth grade, he had to give a report to his class. Of course he was an "expert" and his classmates learned a lot. He made an audio-visual presentation and really wowed the classroom. This huge success helped him gain some recognition and respect, something most of us desire.

I wonder if there is a great runner with Asperger's syndrome? What an incredible way to chanel that interest and energy!

I will be thinking about you tomorrow as you meet with the Asperger's group. God bless you.

Love, Mom

Famous Athletes with Aspergers and Autism

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